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USB powered Advanced Willem EPROM Programmer Version PCB5.0B

Quite possibly the best general purpose programmer around and certainly the best entry level programmer available, the Willem Programmer is based on a tried and true design.
Many adapters are also available for different programming applications.

Package includes the Willem Programmer PCB 5B, + a USB Cable, + a Parallel Port cable + Software.

A Quality Product - you really do get what you pay for...

Willem PCB5b detail

NOTE THAT THE WILLEM PROGRAMMER PCB5B REQUIRES A PARALLEL PORT FOR DATA AND A USB PORT OR A PLUG PACK FOR POWER. The plug pack (not supplied) will be required for programming voltages over 12.75V, older eproms will require this.
Note that the Plugpack is not supplied, click here to add one.

PCB50B is the genuine latest model of Willem EPROM programmer with increased device support. It supports more than 3000 devices and is the most popular model among users. 
•Built-in PLCC32 and PLCC Firmware HUB/LPC on-board.
 -   PLCC32 socket for support :
 -   EEPROM : 28/28C512, 010, 020, 040
 -   EPROM : 27C010, 020, 040, 080
 -   Flash memory : 28F/29C/29F/39F/ 49F512, 010, 020, 040, 001, 002, 004
 -   support chip 3.3V(27LVxx,29LVxx, 28FxxxB3)
 -   EPROM, EEPROM, Serial (I2C) EEPROM, Microwire EEPROM, Microchip PIC
 -    PLCC 32 Firmware HUB / LPC socket for support :
 -   INTEL : i82802AB, i82802AC
 -   LPC Flash: SST:SST49LF020/A, SST49LF030/A?SST49LF040/A;W39V040A, W39V040AP, W49V002A, W49V002AP SST 49LF002B, 49LF004B
 -   FWH/LPC: PMC:PMC49FL002, PMC49FL004 ST micro:M50FW040, M50FW002, M50LPW002, M50LPW040, M50FLW040A, M50FLW040B
 -   Flash memory : 82802AB/AC, SST49LF002/ 0030/ 004/ 008, AT49LW040/ 080
 -   LPC : SST49LF020/ 030 / 040 / 080 /
•Can program
 -   SPI FLASH chips VCC(3.6V)
 -   EPROM, EEPROM, Serial (I2C) EEPROM, Microwire EEPROM, Microchip PIC
 -   FLASH Burner (Vpp 12.5V,21V,25V), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
 -   Micro controllers MCS-51, MCS-48
 -   Test nonvolatile SRAM, static RAM, ATMELand etc.
•Support the chip 29/39/49LVxxx (Low Voltage 3.3V).
•Support power input from Adapter (AC/DC 9-12 Volts) or from the USB Port . ◦Note: Higher Vcc voltages (5.6v and 6.2v) will be available when an external AC power supply is used.

•Support unprotect the AM29F040B flash memory chip.

•The back of the circuit is covered by Perspex acrylic plastic sheet to increase convenience and prevent short circuit.
•Supports Win9X, Me, XP, NT and 2000 operating systems
•The Willem EPROM Programmer requires a parallel port for data and a USB port for power.
•Uses the power supply from a USB port or from an optional power supply or plug pack (not supplied)

Latest Version - adds extensive support for 3V6 SPI Flash Devices*
*** This NEW PCB5.0B has Adapters PLCC32 to DIP32 and Firmware Hub/LPC on-board ***

Beware of Cheap Copies
I get A LOT OF REQUESTS for Technical Support from people who have purchased a Willem Programmer from elsewhere at a really low price but do not quite come up to standard and do not seem support the chips they should.
While I do not provide support for Items that have not been purchased from me, I have had a few special requests and because they have purchased an Adapter and other Items I agreed to check their programmer out as a favour.
Well, many of the Programmers I received have been of poor quality, here is the list:
- Really suspect solder joints including dry joints and little or no solder on some...
- No sheet of perspex or stand-offs underneath, just a plain PCB.
- PCB very thin and prone to cracking.
- No solder mask or screen printing applied.
- IC’s all soldered onto the board and not placed in sockets.
- Low cost components used.
- Components not properly attached.

Darkwire provides Technical Support with every programmer sold. This is not just advice but REAL SUPPORT
We have a large collection of devices (chips) and know how to use EVERY ADAPTER with this programmer.
We also know various techniques for programming different devices and can help make your programming experience a good one.
Why do I need one?
- Refreshing, Upgrading, Programming BIOS chips.
- Copier, Fax machine, Printer main board maintaining or repairing.
- Motor Vehicle memory device, MEMCAL or ECU code reading, writing.
- VCD, DVD, Color TV maintaining or repairing.
- Neon Light Controller code writing.
- MCU development - programming for MCS-51 series, AVR series and PIC series MCU.
- Repairing, reading, writing, programming PC motherboard BIOS Chips.
- Upgrade the chip in your cars computer.
- Modify the chips in your Xbox or PlayStation Console.
- Programming MicroChip PIC Micros.
- Programming ATMEL AVR Micros.
- Flash a 3V6 SPI device on your motherboard or HDD.

Get the latest sofware for Willem PCB 5B here.

Willem Programmer PCB5b


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Shipping to other countries is the rate Australia Post charges, see the postage rates here.

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Screenshot of the PCB5b software. Download the Willem software here and check it out.


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