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SP300U Programmer

The SP300U programmer supports 1928 devices comprising -  93/24/25/29/39/49 series memory, common 51/AVR/PIC/STC microcontrollers and ISP programming.
See the SP300 Device List here
Software supports WinXP, Vista and WIn7 (32bit and 64bit). Download the software here and run in Demo mode to check it out.

Supports ATMEL / WINBOND / SST's / MCS51 series microcontrollers, supports ATMEL / AVR microcontroller / ISP and many types of 24xx and 93xx serial memory.
Supports new MCS51 series microcontrollers ( for example,  W78E052D/054D/058D/516D )
Supports  SyncMOS microcontrollers
Supports STC microcontrollers
Supports PIC series microcontrollers ISP download
Supports AVR series microcontrollers ISP download and partly support AVR microcontrollers high voltage programming.
Supports 25 series Serial EEPROM/FLASH
Supports NXP 8051 microcontrollers
Supports common 29 series parallel memory(32pins)
Supports common 39 series parallel memory(32 pins)
Supports common 49 series BIOS chip(32pins)
Supports TTL firmware refreshing
Upgradable firmware and short circuit protection.
Adapters are available here.

SP300 Programmer | Darkwire

Our Price for the SP300 Programmer: $34.95


The main screen.

SP300 Programmer Software | Darkwire

Pressing the Info button shows the ISP connections required.

SP300 Programmer Software 1 | Darkwire

Pressing the Config button allows you to change configuration options.

SP300 Programmer Software 2 | Darkwire

General options available under the Options button.

SP300 Programmer Software 3 | Darkwire

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