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SOFi SP-8A Programmer

Low cost high speed programmer specialising in Serial memory devices.
Supports 5919 devices and growing. See the SP-8A Device List here.

The SOFI SP8 series are professional programmers specially designed for programming serial FLASH/EEPROM/SPI memories.
With built-in 32-bit high-speed processors and USB2.0 communication interfaces they support high-speed programming of nearly all 24/25/93/BR90 chips.
These programmers each have a unique ISP online programming function and support more chips with continuous software upgrades.
You will be impressed by the professional software and the ultra high speed programming achieved by these affordable programmers.
Compared with high cost universal programmers and one-to-multiple special purpose ones, the SOFi range are more convenient and flexible, and thus greatly reduce costs for labor and equipment purchase.

Software supports WinXP, Vista and WIn7 (32bit and 64bit). Download the software here and run in Demo mode to check it out.

The whole SP8 series has the function of intelligent pin detection.
Pin detection can effectively avoid failure or low success of programming caused by oxidation or misplacement of chips or problems from the adapters, and thus improves the efficiency of programming.
A picture depicting the contact status of the pins like poor contact, fine contact, not used or ignored will be shown if the programmer detects any problems.

The programmers have over-current and short circuit protection.
Effectively protects programmers from damage due to misplaced chips (wrong position or direction), or wrong types of chips, or short circuit of chips or adapters.
ISP interfaces also have protection function against over-current and short circuit, and automatically detect the supply conflicts of target boards (or target chips).

SOFi SP-8A Programmer | Darkwire
SOFi SP-8A ISP | Darkwire

Our Price for the SF-8A Programmer: $79.95


Showing the ISP Interface connector and pin numbering.

SOFi SP-8A ISP 1 | Darkwire
SOFi SP-8A ISP 2 | Darkwire

ISP cable numbering and showing ISP connection to 93 Series Eeproms and 25 Series Flash devices

SOFi SP-8A ISP 3 | Darkwire
SOFi SP-8A ISP 4 | Darkwire

The software opening screen.

SOFi SP-8A Software | Darkwire

A SST25LF020A in SIOC package has been selected. Pressing the Info. button bring up information on the adapter required and placement on the ZIF socket for programming. Adapters are available here.

SOFi SP-8A Software 1 | Darkwire

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