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Full Function Smart Card Reader / Programmer Kit

This excellent kit is perfect for those who want an inexpensive yet highly functional Smartcard Programmer that uses free software you can download from the internet.
Both Smartmouse and Phoenix modes are selectable via jumper on the pcb.
Frequency, either 3.5795MHz or 6MHz is also selectable via jumper on the pcb.
As this is a kit of parts including the PCB you will have to get out your soldering iron and build it yourself...

NOTE: The guarantee on this kit is limited to the replacement of faulty parts only as we cannot guarantee the labour content you provide. We do not provide service or faultfinding diagnosis on kits. It is recommended that if a kit builder does not have enough knowledge to diagnose faults then the project should not be started unless assistance can be obtained. Unfortunately one small solder joint or wiring mistake can take many hours to locate and at normal service rates could be well more that the cost of the kit.

This Kit includes a quality screen printed, solder masked PCB and all the components required for construction including solder and wire. Installation is left up to you.
For a full description on the building and operation of this kit and the original Silicon Chip magazine article CLICK HERE.

This Kit uses the Serial Port for data and requires 9-12VDC for power (power supply not supplied). The PCB can powered from a plugpack, 9V battery or your ATX power supply

Comprehensive instructions on how to build and how to use the software are included with every kit.

Looking for a Smart Card to use with this?

SmartCard Programmer Kit

Smartcard Programmer Kit

Our Price : AU$49.95


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