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RS232 Break-out Box

This RS232 break-out box provides a quick and easy way to trouble-shoot or customize any RS-232 data line. Line powered it can detect the presence or absence of activity and monitor interface lines. Dual state LEDs monitor both positive and negative signal levels. Comes complete with jumper wires.

This portable pocket size test set provides access to all 25 conductors of the RS232 interface between the data terminal and the data modem.

Ten LEDs monitor the status at the source of the primary signals (TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, CD, TC, RC, DTR & TC) and (2) additional LEDs scan the dip switches. Includes RS232 Mini Breakout Box, jumper wires and case.

RS232 Breakout Box Full
RS232 Breakout Box Detail
RS232 Breakout Box flat
RS232 Breakout Box closed
RS232 Breakout Box Lid Detail


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