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For Australian customers postage is FREE if you spend $100.00 or more and will be via Express Post.
All other customers just contact us for a quote, shipping will be exactly what Australia Post charges, not a cent more.


Below is a brief summary of what is available at Darkwire. If you are looking for something in particular check out the Site Search or Site Map below.

Device Programmers, Eeprom and Eprom Burners

We stock all types of eprom burners from inexpensive to not so inexpensive and for hobby and casual work or professional jobs.
A small assortment are pictured below but go to Device Programmers to see the full range.


Programming Adapters

All types of adapters which allow you to program any package on the ZIF adapter of your programmer or system board.
These come in several flavours, socket adapters that the chip just fits into and is easily removed, solder adapters that you need to solder a chip onto but already have the legs attached to connect to a programmer, pcb adapters which are just a bare pcb which you need to attach the required legs or other parts and also solder on the chip, ISP programming adapters for ATMEL micros and socket plus ISP adapters for PIC devices.


Clips, Cables and Accessories

A large range on genuine Pomona and 3M IC Clips for both SMD and DIP devices. Various useful items for pcb assembly, IC grabbers for testing or programming and add-on boards for projects.

Acc+Pomona+PLCC32+Clip-thum SOIC-8-Pomona-Clip-Header

SPI Flash Sockets

SPI Flash Sockets are designed to the pcb footprint of SOIC devices so you can remove a soldered on device, attach this socket and mak ethe chip removable. Useful for development or where constant upgrading of BIOS is required. We also have TSOP 48 and 56 smd sockets.


Serial Eeproms

We stock 93C, 24C and 25C serial and SPI eeproms. Perfect if you need a few in a hurry. We also stock a good range of SST Serial Flash devices.

DFN_4 blank SOIC-8-WM-thumb

Darkwire Site Search and Sitemap


Search Darkwire using the Google Search box below. Just type in the first word or two of what you are looking for, eg. TSOP32 or SOIC8...


Development continues - contact sales@darkwire.com.au for more information.

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Pay with Paypal at Darkwire

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