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MiniPro TL866A Universal Programmer

TL866CS and TL866A programmers currently support 13137 devices.
Click here to see the device list as a .txt file best viewed using Notepad++ or as an Excel file  but a far better way is to download the MiniPro software and run it in demo mode to see all features and search supported devices.

Features: TL866A vs TL866CS
    1. ICSP interface (6-pin interface) is limited to the TL866A model.

       On the top of the TL866A programmer there is a 6-pin ICSP interface connector, the TL866CS has no such function.

    2. Some of Microchip's MCU with more than 40pins require the use of the TL866A for ICSP interface programming but most of
        Microchip's PICs are supported on the zif socket.

    3. For the ATMEGAxxxx and SYNCMOS's MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx
       TL866A support serial programming on ICSP and parallel programming on the zif socket.
       TL886CS only support parallel programming on the zif socket.

       For ATMEL ATEMGAxxx series chips and the new Taiwan Mao SM59 / 89xxx series chip -
       TL866A supports both serial and parallel high voltage line programming programming via ICSP 40pin zif socket.
       TL866CS only supports parallel high voltage on 40pin zif socket.

    4. AT45DBxxxx can only be programmed using the ICSP interface (TL866A only).

    5. To all other chips the TL866A and TL866CS are no different.

       Both programmers work with genuine TL866 Adapters for devices up to 48 pins.

TL866A ICSP Pinout1

Showing the ICSP Cable attached. Pinout as per the schematic on the left. The software will indicate the connections when you press the Information button. Pin 1 will be at the bottom.


Our Price for the MiniPro TL866A is only $69.95


Software shown below with a PIC18F87J93 Selected. Note the ICSP port radio button is automatically selected and when you press the Information button the programming connection guide is displayed.

Prog TL866A Soft1

Pressing the Config button bring up the Config Screen where changes can be made if required.

Prog TL866A Soft3

The IC Select Screen

Prog MiniPro Soft 3

An Atmel AT24C04in SOIC package has been selected. Pressing the information button shows the adapter (if required) and where to place the device on the ZIF socket for programming.

Prog MiniPro Soft4

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