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GQ-5X Professional Level Super Fast NAND Flash Programmer

•Support any NAND flash chip(TSOP48 package on this top module).
•No NAND chip size limitation.
•Highest speed provides most efficient programming.
•Easy change to any other professional level programmer.
•By using GQ Blaster software, users are able to add their own chips.
•Raw data write provide a best tool to backup NAND flash data.

 NAND Reading speed above 12 Mbytes/second. A 1G bytes NAND chips only takes 98 seconds on reading.
Download the software to see the supported devices.

 TSOP48ZIF socket ready for all TSOP48 NAND flash.

 More NAND functions will be added in the future.

 Windows, Linux, Mac computer software ready.


Our Price: $265.00


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