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GQ-4X True USB Programmer

GQ-4X V4 (GQ-4X4) is the newest model of True USB Willem Universal Programmer series from MCUmall Electronics Inc Canada.

With its complete new professional design, True USB PRO 40pin Willem programmer GQ-4X is the first & exclusive Willem universal programmer in the market that owns the unique  features:

Neat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; JTAG support; Fast mode SPI support;
Support O/S XP 32bit, XP 64bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit, Windows7 32bit/64bit. New Version 4 now also supports Win8, Win8.1 and Windows10;
Real True USB interface for both data transfer and power supply;
High speed/fastest; most-user-friendly; simplest-to-use;
Software update regularly; free life-time software upgrade/download;
Multi-languages support capability: Chinese ,Czech, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese   

The application-oriented & application-enhanced design facilitates GQ-4X supports thousands of most popular application devices (growing) and ideally suits the portable/convenient applications that includes: car automotive field ECU chip tuning, airbag reset, mileage, satellite devices, BIOS refreshing, motherboard BIOS in-circuit upgrade, xBox, Wii gaming machines EPROM duplicate, Altera Xilinx JTAG, PIC/MCU development, newer laptop technology and newer desktop PC etc.

 It has outstanding performance which supports the devices that other similar products are not capable of supporting: such as 25LF SPI series, PSOP44,TSOP48, 25VF SPI series, Altera Xilinx CPLD JTAG, PLCC84, SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 27C1028, HD6475, 29F800, 29LV800, 29F032...

Key & Unique Features

1. Complete new professional design with own robust enclosure and 40pin ZIF socket

Neat robust enclosure is designed to suit the portable and field convenient applications 
40 pin of the ZIF socket supports more chips without adapter 
First and only Willem programmer with 40pin ZIF socket, other models use 32pin ZIF 
The software & hardware are Designed/developed by MCUmall Electronics Inc. Canada
Assembled in Canada and post-sales support by MCUmall Electronics Inc.

2. Fully automatic & no manual set-up needed (eliminate all jumpers & DIP-switch)
Fully automatic for efficient use and extends the programmer life time 
Eliminates all jumpers on board, manual set-up for jumpers is no longer needed (all non-USB Willem use jumpers: 16 jumpers on PCB5.0C, 48 jumpers on Willem 1.5) 
Eliminate the on-board DIP switch, manual set-up for DIP switch is no longer needed. 
This also makes much easier & very simple to use for end users. 
Plug-and-play reduces the learning curve and save your precious time.

3. Fast mode SPI programming & JTAG support wider the application
Useful for motherboard BIOS in-circuit upgrade 
Altera Xilinx CPLD JTAG support

4. True USB data transfer interface with PC/LapTop for newer laptop use as well as portable application
Uses only one USB cable to connect with PC/Laptop USB port for both data transfer and power supply. The bulky DB25 data cable is eliminated & no longer needed for data transfer between PC and programmer board 
It is  True/Real USB  data transmission protocol (USB-USB), Not via  Fake/Pseudo-USB  data communication. 
Fake/Pseudo USB  data transfer needs the middle serial or parallel port conversion:  USB-Serial-USB conversion or LPT-USB conversion,  this limits the programming speed significantly. 
GQ-4X features the same revolutionary data interface as GQ-3X, the True USB data transmission with PC/LapTop.

5. Exponentially speed increase up to 20 times faster
Connects PC via high-speed USB link, provides the fastest possible data transfer rates for programming/reading data from target IC's. 
It is capable of being up to 20 times faster than other existing printer port willem (parallel LPT willem: PCB6.xx ,PCB5.0C ,PCB4.5C) programmers on reading & verification a high density flash device, this significantly saves your time and increases work efficiency as well as facilitates small scale production 
Assembly language written programming algorithms run fast and reliable. Not affected by the PC speed changes and Windows 0/S variations.

6. Dual power supply capability: USB port & AC/DC and automatic voltage control
Vcc supported among: 3.6V, 5V, 5.5V, 6.5V 
On-Board MCU for stable performance & automatic/accurate voltage control 
Works best among other programmers for EPROMs
Note optional Plugpack is not supplied, click here to add one.

7. The GQUSB software is especially developed for True USB willem programmers GQ-4X,GQ-3X, GQ-2X.
Free Life-time software download/upgrade, please click here for software revision history 
Updates software and device algorithm regularly 
Free IC device updates via web 
Supports O/S: Win98SE, Me, XP, NT, 2000 &  WinXP 64bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit Windows7 32bit 64bit   
Advanced software engineered to provide most user-friendly interface & simplest and easiest-to-use Willem programmer version to save time and confort to use 
Multi-language support, such as: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Czechoslovakian, Portuguese 
Programming history memory function on-board 
Supports most popular ECU, Satellite, xBox, Wii, BIOS, EPROM chips: SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 29F800, 29LV800... 
Supports the chips that LPT Willem are not capable of supporting, like 24RF08, 28F102 ,87C257 and more 
Supports TSOP48, PSOP44,16bit EPROM chips that 40 pin TOP, EasyPro ,Wellon are not capable of supporting 
Supports 25LF SPI series, 25VF SPI series, Altera Xilinx CPLD JTAG, PLCC84,29F032... 
Allows end users add in their own chips/devices easily (editing .txt file)

8. Working with the adapters further expands the supported devcices list
Accommodate the existing adapters (GQ-3X/2X and parallel LPT willem adapter) 
Packaging supported: TSOP48 (16bit & 8 bit), TSOP32, PSOP44, DIP8 to DIP40, PLCC, SOP,SOIC, MCS-51+, PLCC84, and etc.

9. Covers the widest application areas amount all willem programmers
Car/automotive ECU chip tuning, airbag reset, mileage, memory device code read/write/program 
Satellite large capacity device applications 
On-spot/Field/portable applications & Small scale production 
Motherboard BIOS in-circuit upgrading 
xBox, wii gaming chip freshing & upgrading 
PIC & MCU programming & development 
Duplicate EPROM chips & Game machine repairing 
Copier/Fax machine/printer main board reparing 
VCD, DVD, color TV maintaining& repairing

Download the Supported Device List

Download the GQ4X Software here.

GQ-4X True USB Programmer

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Screenshot of the software. It is easy to use.


GQ JTAG/SPI In-Circuit Programming Adapter

This adapter is used to program the JTAG, SPI and PIC chip in circuit, such as computer motherboard BIOS upgrade without removing the chip from the motherboard.

There are many factors affect the ISP programming. The main issue is the poor signal quality since many circuits are not designed for in-circuit-programming. The poor signal quality will cause the in-circuit-programming to be unstable and fail. This adapter is deigned to enhance the signal quality when doing in-circuit-programming. It has a signal driver chip to improve in-circuit-programming signal quality and make programming more stable.

It works on any programmer for SPI chip programming.
It works on GQ-4X for JTAG, SPI and PIC chip ICSP programming..
It works on GQ-3X for SPI and PIC chip ICSP programming.

Application example: motherboard upgrading for BIOS chip 25VF080. With this adapter, the in-circuit programming will be much easier.   ADP-056

Our Price $12.95


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