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EZ100PU PC/SC Smart Card Reader and Writer

Complies with the PC/SC standard version 1.0
Complies with USB version 2.0 (full speed)
Auto installation setup program with driver
Supports Plug and Play, easy to install

Specifications - 
Dimensions: 85mm(L) X 72mm(W) X 17mm(H)
Weight: Reader N.W 80g , Package G.W 130g
Housing: ABS
Power Consumption: Powered by USB hub, 5V±5%,60mA
Card Acceptor / Durability: Friction type with over 200,000 insertion cycles
Card Interface -
CPU Card: Comply with ISO7816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 protocol
Memory Card: Synchronous 2-line, 3-line and I2C Interface 
OS Support -
Windows8,7 x32.x64 | Vista x32 | Vista x64. XP x64. 2003 x64 | WinXP. 2000. 2003 | Win98. ME. NT | Linux | WinCE (Intel XScale for ARM) | WinCE(x86) |
API Support -
PC/SC compliant, Proprietary API, CT-API
International Certificate: CNS, FCC, CE, EMV Level 1

Package Contains:
Card Reader
Driver CD - content:
Installation Guide - Drivers installation guide.
Setup - Driver auto setup program for PC/SC Series Smart Card Reader.
SimEditor v1.1.2 - Software for editing SIM card of mobile phone 
Tools - card utilities o
FAQ - (English)   

This device requires third party software to read/write smart cards which is not supplied with the device. This is because there are many different types of smart cards and each type of card generally needs it's own software. There is unfortunately no software that can read/write all types of smart cards.



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