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* All orders over AU$100.00 have FREE Express Post shipping (for Australian customers only).
Shipping to other countries is the rate Australia Post charges, see the postage rates here.

All Items on this site are subject to a limited warranty. Please see the Conditions below.

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Every effort will be made to ensure the latest price is displayed on this website but some Internet Service Providers store pages and will serve up the old page over and over again until refreshed. - IF IN DOUBT EMAIL US.
Darkwire Pty Ltd will strive to help with technical support, resolving problems and anything else to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
Please read the description of the Item carefully and take note of the points below. Ask any questions BEFORE purchasing the Item, you will find us most accommodating.

PayPal payments or Bank Deposits are accepted for all our Items.

The description contains a lot of info about the Item. Please contact us with any questions, you will find us most helpful, but ultimately do your OWN research as to the suitability of this Item for your needs/situation. In the case of Device Programmers, please ensure that the device you wish to program is supported BEFORE PURCHASE.

Obviously We DO NOT knowingly sell faulty equipment. If your Item does not work or stops working within the warranty period, generally 12 months, just contact us and we will do our utmost to sort it out for you, really!

Our warranty does not cover damage/loss of the Item in transport, that is usually covered by postal insurance which is automatically applied to all items over $100.00.

Buyers are to cover any additional features not already included. All our Items are VERY WELL packaged.

We generally dispatch goods very quickly, usually within 24 hours after we can verify your payment, but we do reserve up to 7 business days. If an Item is going to take longer than 7 business days to dispatch we will let you know and offer you a refund if you are not prepared to wait.

Please note that we maintain database of serial numbers and/or mark all major Items.

If the device you have purchased does not work as described or is faulty in some way please contact Darkwire Pty Ltd immediately with specific details.
Send an email to: sales@darkwire.com.au or support@darkwire.com.au for all communications.
Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

In the case of Device Programmers please ensure that the device you want to program is supported BEFORE you purchase the programmer. If you are not sure then ASK US.
Many of the Products on the site are quite technical and most require a more than basic knowledge of PC hardware, drivers, BIOS settings, ports and etc. to install and use. 99% of problems installing device Programmers is related to drivers.
Ask any question or questions you like regarding the Item prior to purchase, you will find us most accommodating and helpful.

In the case of software however, please ensure it meets your needs by downloading and trying it first. When you purchase  software it is registered to you, its yours. There is NO return and NO refund on software.

- When sending email please allow 24 hours for a response. We get a huge number of emails every day and all are equally important to us (except for the spam, curse the scum that send it!).
- Emails that contain inappropriate language, threatening messages or anything unpleasant will not be answered and will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
- If the situation cannot be resolved via email then you will be asked to return the Item for testing and possible replacement.
- You will receive instructions, a Return Authorisation Number and a delivery address, it is recommended that all Items be returned via Registered Mail.
- If the Item is faulty when received, and the fault is deemed to be a manufacturing fault, it will either be replaced or a full refund will be provided at the sole discretion of Darkwire Pty Ltd.
Why email? We often do not know the answer to all problems immediately. Even if you were to call us we would ask you to describe everything in an email.  This should be expected given the number of technical products supplied. An email containing sufficient information allows us to investigate any problems and then reply with a solution.
If we have further questions we will contact you or provide our contact number for further communication.


Any hardware and/or software installation or other interaction with a PC/Laptop or any electrical device carries a degree of risk.
- We do not have any control over your actions when you open the case of your PC or Laptop to install or uninstall a piece of hardware, adapter or diagnostic tool.
- We have no knowledge of your system, its age, condition, power supply and/or supplied, existing hardware, installed devices, BIOS, Drives, Peripherals, Drivers, I/O Devices, Software or anything else.
Under no circumstances shall Darkwire, the manufacturer, their agents or distributors be held liable in any way for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of any installation, uninstallation, environmental condition/s, existing equipment, disposal, use, misuse or otherwise of any Item be it hardware, software, information or any combination of these.
If you do not accept these conditions please either do not purchase the Item or contact us immediately  to arrange the return of the Item and include any associated hardware/software, unopened and in original packaging for a refund.

* All orders over AU$100.00 have FREE Express Post shipping (for Australian customers only).
Shipping to other countries is the rate Australia Post charges, see the postage rates here.

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