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Bargain Basement

This page contains products that have either been discontinued by the manufacturer, have been purchased for testing, interest, experimentation or as a potential product line.
Either way you score as all these items are BRAND NEW and sold for a fraction of their original prices.

Note that while we will provide limited support there is NO RETURN and NO WARRANTY on these items.

Wellon ISP2 ISP Programmer

Wellon ISP2 Programmer

New old stock.
This programmer has been discontinued by Wellon.
Includes the Wellon ISP Board Adapter and programming cable.
Supplied in original box with USB cable and software.

Only one left.

Now only $49.00



Dediprog McuProg


New old stock.
This programmer has been discontinued by Dediprog.
McuProg is a high speed “In System Programming” ISP and “Off line” programmer to update the STM32 series MCU soldered on board or inserted in the socket for development, in production or in the field.
Also supports SiliconLab C8051F321, C8051F347 and Cypress CY8Cxx devices.
McuProg uses JTAG communication. The communication JTAG frequency can be adjusted to fit different capacitance due to cable length or application design.
Includes programmer and software only.

Only one left.

Now only $59.00


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