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SOIC8/16 to DIP8/16 Adapter and Programming Header

SOIC16 ISP PCB adapter with chip
SOIC16 ISP PCB adapter with socket
SOIC16 ISP PCB adapter with header pins

Solder mask on the pcb makes it easy to attach a chip. Either use it as a programming header by soldering header pins and attaching a cable for programming via ICSP, solder a chip on or solder a SOIC16 or SOIC8 socket on to make changing the chip quick and easy.
Use anywhere a SOIC8/16 to DIP8/16 adapter is required. (Note: Socket, header pins and chips are not included - sold separately).
Darwire you may ask? Pays to double check your designs before sending them for manufacture...

Our price - AU$0.98c*


* All orders over AU$50.00 have FREE shipping (for Australian customers only)


SOIC8 to DIP8 Adapter and Programming Header

Header PCB Adapters options built

SOIC8 to DIP8 Adapter and Header
Solder a 8 pin SOIC chip directly onto the adapter, solder a socket on for easily changing the chip or header pins for ISP programming. (Note: SMD Socket, chip and header pins are not included - sold separately).
Using machine pin header pins and with a SMD chip soldered on you can place this adapter into an 8 pin DIP socket thereby replacing the 8 pin DIP chip with an SMD version.

Our price - AU$0.75c*


* All orders over AU$50.00 have FREE shipping (for Australian customers only)


DIP8 Programming Header

8pin header pcb with cable
8pin header pcb

Solder header pins on this header and attach a cable to use it for ICSP programming.
Note: Pins and cable not supplied, available separately.

Our price - AU$0.65c*


* All orders over AU$50.00 have FREE shipping (for Australian customers only)


MCS51 PLCC44 TO DIP40 PCB Adapter

This is a snap apart pcb allowing you to build your own adapter for the MCS51 family. P89C51, P89V51, P89LV51, AT89C51, AT89S51 and etc.

Ad 89C51 PCB
Ad AT89C51 Assembled

This product is designed to be an on-board adapter to replace a DIP40 device with a PLCC44 device.

Our price: AU$3.95


** NOTE: This product is the only PCB, components shown are used for illustration only to show the completed board. They are not included. Required components are printed on the PCB.


2.54mm to 2.00mm PCB Adapter

Showing the Pitch Adapter soldered to some different connectors, quite useful when you want to change a 2.54mm pitch IDC to a 2.00mm one.
This is for the PCB only the attached headers etc. are not included.

Coming Soon

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