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3M DIP8 Clip

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3M DIP 8 Clip

Our Price: $29.95


3M DIP8 Clip Package


8 Pin IDC DIL Plug


Our Price: $2.95




16 Pin IDC DIL Plug


Our Price: $4.95




Aries 48 pin ZIF Socket


Our Price: $19.95



IDC Connector and DIL Plug Crimp Tool


Inserts for both IDC Connectors and DIL Plugs / Transition Headers are Included. Shown above both front and back covering all sizes.


Our Price: $24.95



Smart Card Programmer Case


High quality injection moulded ABS enclosure that can be used to house programmers or interfaces for Smart Cards.
This Enclosure fits into a PC's standard 3 1/2" floppy drive bay or it can be used on your desktop. It can be used to house most devices that have an ISO 7816 smart card socket onboard. This enclosure is unique as it does not need you to fix the PCB. Instead the moulding holds the card slot making a perfect alignment between the card slot opening and the slot in the housing. This makes it perfect for your new or existing projects.
There is plenty of room on the front if you need to add any LEDs or switches.

Our Price: $7.95



40 pin Header with 12mm long pins


Easily fit this header to your Raspberry Pi B+ and raise the GPIO Pins above the level of the case. Ideal if you want to stack another board on top.
Obviously not suited to all cases but it works really well for those that fit. Naturally the case and Pi B+ pictured are not included! (Why do I always have to say that?)

Our Price: $4.95

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